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Monday, May 30, 2016

What I am Currently Thinking About in Fashion; Kanye West's Accessibility

I think I finally understand why Kanye makes t-shirts and sweat pants with holes & rips $500+ - He always speaks about trying to make fashion accessible and the irony is, in my eyes he absolutely is.. Fashion is not his line it's the style his line represents... He is making fashion accessible by making the look easily attainable.. His style and clothing are currently some of the most trendiest and repeated looks in existence right now and the best part is that it doesn't have logo's or crazy details like that sold in a store such as Gucci or Vuitton or of the previous trends.. His clothing and aesthetic as coveted and as desirable as it is, can easily be duplicated, replicated and re-created for just about anyone.. His style and aesthetic is considered fashion so in my opinion, that is how he is making fashion accessible.. He is aiding in removing the idea of fashion being a cult of logos and prints to, in his case, simple garments in specific sizes and proportions, giving everyone who appreciates his aesthetic the opportunity to participate.