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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Designer Shoe Warehouse Sale

Are you a shoe person!?!? I know that as time has gone by my love and admiration for a good pair of ankle boots, heels, sandals, etc. has extremely grown! I love me a good pair of shoes!! With that said you could only imagine how excited I am to share a really great event that makes über stylish shoes available at crazy discount prices!!!.. YASSSS HUNNY!! It's the Designer Shoe Warehouse Sale.. I am excited to share this with you guys and also share that I will be there on the 19th early afternoon to have a kiki, fight some of y'all for some shoes #YouBetterWatchYoBackHunny and see all the amazing styles!!!! Check out below for the official invitation!! See y'all there!

For more information, visit; http://DesignerShoeSale.ca

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