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Monday, April 18, 2016


YOU GUYS ARE GONNA GAG!!!!! I am sooo excited to announce that I am working with PUMA on helping them launch their dope a** new PUMA FIERCE sneakers AND GURLLLLLL you already know before I even saw the shoe I was already sold by the NAME 😭 😂 😭 😂 😭 !!!!!! Aside from the fact that these kicks are very stylish (I love how clean and slim the fit of them is) they are actually super comfortable and I've been wearing them non stop since I got my feet in them!! I am so excited to share that from today onwards I will be rocking my favorite PUMA sneakers around Toronto AND even more exciting I have teamed up with PUMA to give away a crazy PUMA prize pack to one lucky reader here in Toronto.. Those details will be announced in the coming weeks but meanwhile stay tuned while I show you some of my favorite new PUMA sneakers as well as just how apparently muscular and hand-stand-able I JUST AM LOL 😂 😂 😂 😂!! I seriously had so much fun shooting this look because I got to go back to the kid in me and just be free and run around, be crazy and just not give A!!!! If you know me then you know how very rarely I think I have ever showed this more sporty side of me and I love it... It's really liberating to just run wild and free sometimes... This is my FIERCE!


images by George & Clarke

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