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Monday, March 21, 2016

Trying To Blend In

Sweater - COS / Bag - CHANEL / Pants - IRO / Shoes - ALDO / Rings - SWAROVSKI

Fashion Week has been quite interesting for me.. The main reason is because this week I have totally gone against the grain of what I normally wear and have been wearing completely 'different' things.. Almost 'Trying To Blend IN' if you will... I wore things I don't normally wear like tops that cover up my chest, light coloured this and that, like this absolutely cozy and beautiful sweater from COS' Spring/Summer 2016 collection... Needless to say I am quite impressed by how comfortable I was trying these new styles. However I think what makes me me, is that I DO NOT blend in... I am not like the other bloggers in my city that all have the same style of content or dress for everyday.. I am not every day.. Even in these simple pieces, realistically a sweater and jeans, as Beyonce would say "I SLAY" - Yes you might think I am crazy for saying this but I genuinely think it's important to uplift yourself.. Seriously! And to not be afraid to be proud of your self, your unique-ness and most of all I think people should give themselves a moment here and there to brag about themselves once in a while and share not only why they are thankful but why they feel deep down inside they are their best, or, simply, THE best ;)... I always say, I wish I had the confidence I do now in high school!! GURRRRLLLL!!

Photos x George And Clarke