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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My @Swarovski Crystal Ball Predicts...

Hello and HAPPY TORONTO FASHION WEEK!!!! I am so excited to see and be a part of another season of fashion, good energy, and just a good ol' time! That being said first bit of news I MUST share with you all is that this season Swarovski is the official jewellery sponsor of Toronto Fashion Week!!! Exciting right!? Even more exciting, Swarovski has imported and integrated a unique and captivating experience to the tents with a brilliant Crystal Mystique installation featuring thousands of colourful sparkling crystals.. It's literally so beautiful and I kinda actually just want some of this stuff in my new home lol!!!! Make sure you go by and check out the installation because Swarovski is giving away some beautiful pieces of jewellery throughout the week! Continue reading to see a couple more pics of the cool spot that you'll more then likely find me taking selfies in all week!!