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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Let's talk about HAIR;
Johnny Ramirez ➕ @LAC_CO

Remember when my friend opened up that extremely beautiful lifestyle boutique & salon called LAC & CO, a couple months ago and I was DJ'ing it!!?!??! Ooooooohhh... the dance parties that went down that night...... O.k. well if you love hair then you've probably come across Johnny Ramirez once, twice... maybe even a hundred times on social media and across a plethora of celebrity clients.. He is a top tier, celeb studded and uber in-the-know and stylish hair stylist from America who is constantly featured in the press .. Most known for his fabulous and extremely on point hair colour techniques he is probably one of the nations most in demand at the moment and I am proud to share the news that HONEY BOO BOO is COMING TO CANADA!!! Johnny is coming to Toronto for a three day experience at LAC & CO along side Buddy Porter another amazing hair stylist who will be slicing, dicing, styling & giving LIFE to a select group of ladies hair at LAC ➕ CO!!!!!! I highly suggest you make your appointment!!!!

For more information go to http://lacandco.com

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