Saturday, November 28, 2015

An evening at @HollyEyewear

I decided to do something crazy the other day... Crazy... and out of this world (I mean, in my world at least!)... and very unexpected for me. I decided to take up my friends at Holly Eyewear on their offer of getting an eye exam! I did it.. It wasn't as scary or traumatic as I assumed it would be (Actually it was quite fab lol!!) and I found out I had -2 eyesight.. SO JUSTIFIED apologies now to everyone I've ever missed in public while out lol!! Anyways, so I did it learned that my eyes were healthy but I should get classes to clarify my vision.. So.. something else I did, I caved in and got glasses to! And of course, amidst all this I had to snap some pictures and share some images of the amazing space that is Holly Eyewear and the amazing stock they have from Pucci to Chloe, Retro to an epic Andy Warhol collaboration, it really is an experience for your eyes!!!

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