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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The @BlackBerry 'Passport' Silver Edition #BlackBerryAtTIFF

Hey guys! So as you know I flew back to Toronto from New York Fashion Week for the last few days of the 2015 Toronto Film Festival! I mean how could I go without my TIFF! It's just one of those times where Toronto really comes to LIFE and is one of the best places to be in the world! The celebrities, the movies, the parties, the events, the EVERYTHING! It's just so fun! This year, I had the pleasure of teaming up with BlackBerry again for a super fun, crash course /slash/ in the moment device review and experience.. This time around, the device under the spotlight was their beautiful and insanely visually appealing both physically and via the screen lol.. BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition.. As a regular BlackBerry user I had some idea as to what to expect from upgrading from my BlackBerry 'Classic' - The BlackBerry Passport was surprising in many different ways from the unmatched speed of the device to some of the features I learned about and am obsessing over since discovering the device...

Did you notice something different about this device? It's a keyboard device but it's missing the little trackpad! (OMG remember the roller ball on the original Curve's & Pearl's!?!?! #Nostalgia!!).. The first thing that surprised me about this device is the genius integration into the keyboard... It's literally genius and left my with my jaw on the floor at how such a simple integration of technology could be so undoubtedly GENIAL!!! So get this.. On the BlackBerry passport the device, BlackBerry has removed the trackpad completely and integrated it into the keyboard.. YASSSS.. THE KEYBOARD IS THE ACTUAL TRACKPAD!! Check out the video above to see what I am talking about!! Continuing on the note of the Keyboard, I was a little skeptical at first of the keyboard without the function keys but after some time I definitely was able to assimilate my typing with the new format of the device!!

Another thing that I reallllllly #obviously enjoy about this device is the increase in camera quality.. The BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition is up 5MP's from the BlackBerry Classic which is a great move forward and worked very well considering I was a haute mess running around all over the city and especially when it came to the darker/evening settings which #TIFF normally flourishes in lol.. I got to capture some really amazing moments from the "Angry Indian Goddesses" official movie premiere after party to the SHARP Magazine annual TIFF event... I also got to spot MISS HUNNIE PITCH PERFECT Anna Kendrick before the movie premiere for her film Mr. Right where I also got a cool snap of the cast up on stage before the film (pics above!!!)

It's funny because when it comes to style, aesthetic, structure, design, etc... I am a fan of either very dainty thin, light and airy or strong, dark, punctual and down to business styles.. Funny two ends of the spectrum but both tickling my fancy just as equally.. In this case, the BlackBerry Passport is physically a strong device. I love the contrast of the silver stainless steel against the black keys, accents and carbon fibre backing.. So sharp!!! Another powerful thing about this device, is the battery on this bad boy!! Since getting my paws on this device, I've sometimes gone up to 2 1/5 - 3 days with a single charge on very modest but still functional usage which is all good in my books!!! All in All.. I proudly give the BlackBerry 'Passport' Silver Edition two thumbs all the way up! It was the perfect companion for my TIFF adventures and I can't wait to share more amazing memories with you guys with BlackBerry!

Learn more about the device here BlackBerry 'Passport' Silver Edition

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Notty Dread said...

It's an awesome piece of kit.

Notty Dread said...

It's an awesome piece of kit.

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