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Sunday, July 26, 2015

#UNBOXING: @WeCreateLuv Goodies

Incoming: A box full of some fun things from CreateLuv.com! - A Canadian jewelry/lifestyle online brand that brings you cute, and exclusive goods in a conscious way. How it works is that Create Luv. donates 50% of net profits to the charity of the consumer’s choice. Products purchased through Luv. gives you the power to decide which charity you want your money to support. This allows you to make a difference like no other. The other 50% will be re-invested into the Luv. initiative so they can continue to grow their company and support their communities of artists, team members, and consumers! I support! - Check out their shop at http://www.createluv.com & stay tuned for my next post to see what's inside the packages!!!! xo

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