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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Never Not Wearing BLK #LeSigh

Jacket - BLK DNM 'Leather Jacket 1' / Jeans - Balmain / T-Shirt - A.P.C. / Boots - Diesel BG

I am convinced I must of bumped or been bumped in the head at a young age.. I would assume somewhere around like 6/7ish, as that is around the first time I can really recall a young Jay's first time getting in trouble for wearing all black in the blistering hot day time.. Had my mom saying "you need to wear some color" or some mom lingo.. Evidently.. Didn't listen then, still don't listen now lol.... Then in my teens, always remembering struggling with the "why does there have to be sunlight, I just want to wear black" - All the way in to my now's (I say now because no one needs to know how old I am lol.. On a questionnaire this is how it would go... How old are you!?: NOW!!! LOL!!)

Anyways... I've been getting a lot of questions online and in-person about this jacket and some other new essentials in my closet.. For seriously though, If you knew me the last couple of years you would know all I've ever done is just viciously stalk shops, online shops, vintage shops, real life shops you walk into (OOHHH, AAAAHH lol) for the perfect biker jacket.. It's been a long time coming and I literally could not be any more obsessed with this BLK DNM number I scored this year.. It's been a few months now and I could literally not imagine life without this jacket.. It's LEGITNESSSSSSS!.. - I love when I tell people I'm like it's BLK DNM they be like.. BOO BOO YOU BLIND IT'S LEATHER!?!? then I be like OH NOO BOO BOO YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG, BLK DNM IS THE BRAND HUNNIE #NowGoDoYaResearch...

photos by Ralph Astorga