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Thursday, July 16, 2015

@JohnElliottCo Spring/Summer 2016 Men's Collection at New York Men's Fashion Week #NYFWM

Since you guys know I don't really have a filter or big vocabulary of words to describe how much I love things sometimes, it's regularly just "YASS, OMG, LIVING, DONE, DYING, DEAD, DOPE, FAVOURITE, OWNED, #THEYWON" etc.... Right.. LOL! Well, that my friends, is exactly how I feel about John Elliott's Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear show that showed in New York for the inaugural men's fashion week taking place as we speak... In my opinion, John Elliott has really mastered the art of the cool, street style , necessity-based wardrobe.. Everything he shows is something you can justify.. "Oh I need this because / Oh this is perfect because / Oh I've been needing that because / etc...." For me this Spring/Summer 2016 collection is the ultimate men's style staple go-to from the sweats to sweaters, cargo coats to bomber jackets.. Everything has it's reason for being but also undoubtedly infuses any closet with ++COOL++ points!! Those are my thoughts, but hey what do I know lol!!

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