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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Some Moments via My Stay @TRUMPToronto

This past season of Toronto Fashion Week was amazing! If you followed then you really caught up with all the amazing fashion that went down! I already miss it so much!!!!! One of the main pluses of the season undoubtedly had to be my stay at The Trump Hotel, Toronto. It was a 3 day experience filled with luxury, surprise and definitely relaxation! Fromt he moment I checked in, the the straining moment I had to be peeled off the walls to check out I loved every moment of my stay! One of the highlights? Definitely had to be my hot oil massage at the Pure Beauty Spa - It was such a luxurious and relaxing experience. Kind of mysterious and dark in color tones which I personally loved... During a tour of the hotel I learned that the theme of Toronto's Trump Hotel is "Caviar & Champagne" I mean, it all made sense.. The hotel is basically loosely based off of me, light tones with heavy dark accents (my style!) - It's sweet, bubbly but known for a luxurious nature (my personality) and it's just super cool (ok, I am going to stop!! haha)..... Aside from the overall aesthetic of the venue I loved how many various types of accommodations there were. You have to go and see some of these boardrooms and event spaces! They literally look like scenes out of Gossip Girl! It's insane! From the baroque patterned carpets and curtains to the gorgeous moldings throughout the building, no detail was spared!

To learn more about The Trump Toronto visit their website at http://www.trumphotelcollection.com/toronto/

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