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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Outside Of The Tents

Jacket - BLK DNM / Jumpsuit - Pink Tartan / Clutch - Margiela / Watch - GUESS

OU CHILD!! Toronto Fashion Week has been in full swing this week honey boo boo, let me tell you! I have been having such an amazing time, exhausting but absolutely amazing. I always say this and I will happily say it again, I LOVE the energy that comes out of the city for Toronto Fashion Week, the fun, young, stylish and absolutely exuberant ambiance that the tents bring out when they come out! For the beginning of the week I thought I would do something a little more clean and classic! I decided to rock this kyuuute jumpsuit from Pink Tartan with my signature BLK DNM biker jacket and let the accessories speak. Obviously I am so crazy and on the go so I actually brought my bottle of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir perfume with me because, you know, I like to maintain an essence of scent throughout the evening and uhm YOLO! LOL!! I paired the look with my literally ratchet but never out of style Margiela clutch that has seen the ends of the earth and than some but still is always around and my new Guess Watch - I was never really a watch queen but as time progresses and I try to wear classier less "tank-ier" ensembles I try to elegant-ize it up a lil bit haha! That being said, cue the watch lol! Can't wait to share more fashion week memories with y'all! Stay tuned.

Shot by Ayze on Pentax 645z

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