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Monday, November 10, 2014

LOUIS XIII Boutique, Yorkville

Introducing to you one of Yorkville's newest gem's of shopping! No seriously, I went to the launch of this super cool boutique last week under the impression it was a cool little consignment store, but boy was I wrong. LOUIS XIII Boutique is like every fashion kids designer treasure chest. Imagine all the pieces you wish you could find but could never because some buyers in this city never take the risk, well enter LOUIS XIII.. The boutique is fresh modern and the launch was so pretty and cool being that it was planned by www.melissaandre.com. From blood red Celine Phantom bags to all that real COOL Balenciaga you wished about, Givenchy sneakers, Balmain Jeans.. All brand new product sourced from the buyers internationally, it's like the ultimate one off-boutique WITH SIZES! The boutique is located at 83 Yorkville Ave. in the heart of Toronto's luxury shopping sector, basically you can't miss it! I highly suggest you check it out but hey! What do I know!? Im just a kid who likes fashion haha!! Kidding, seriously though! CHECK IT OUT! Xx