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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

HD HOMME Spring/Summer 2015

Carrying on with my distinct excitement for what was making it's way down the runways last week here in Toronto during World MasterCard Fashion Week..... Here I introduce to you my favourite luxury, dressy and formalwear menswear designer in Canada... HD HOMME... One of the only designers in our country to not only take menswear to the next level but not be afraid to experiment with it. I feel like everyone here does luxury formalwear so basic and they take pride in it.. They say it's all in the details, but everyone's doing the details.. Why I love HD HOMME so much is because yes, they do everything right.. They do it down to the details, the impeccable tailoring, the clean lines, the perfect finishes.. Yes, they do that all.. But then Hussein Dhalla, designer for HD HOMME, taks it to the next level by experimenting with the various aspects of menswear and taking it to the next level.. The proportions, the textiles, the prints, the colours and textures and you know... The sheer tank tops, and #YASSS... Those DEEP, DEEP, DEEP, DEEEEEP V's... You already know I was basically convulsing over what I was seeing when those extreme deep v's made their way down the runways... I personally can not wait to get myself in as many pieces from HD HOMME's Spring/Summer 2015 collation as possible!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!

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