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Saturday, July 26, 2014

the new situation

Say hello to my new selfie mirror situation that is going to be my new best friend! Nice setting for a daily selfie no?... Sorry I haven't been around in a while. Just been so crazy, have lots of new exciting things in the works to share (same story all the time haha).. Some new openings, some new collaborations and definitely some new clothing's and style inspirations. I can't wait to share..

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Nathan Moy said...

Is that your house? Beautiful interiors!! I'm jealous haha! Also, you must check out my recent big collaboration with luxury retailer and feature their rare HERMES BIRKIN BAGS! I had soooo much fun with the styling, please tell me what you think. Items feature include acne bikers, dries shirts, msgm shoes, karen walker sunnies, celine trousers etc.. Very #PROVOKING!

xx The Provoker

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photograph

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photo

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