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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Some Moments from @VERSACE Haute Couture #STRUTwithWINDOWS

After the ready to wear shows is... The Haute Couture shows in Paris.. The Haute Couture shows are the pinnacle of fashion.. Going to an Haute Couture show isn't like going to Church, going to an Haute Couture show is like getting into a rocket ship and going to the MOON! It is other wordly and one of the most exquisite fashion experiences anyone who loves fashion could ever witness! With that said, you could only imagine my EXCITEMENT when Haute Couture week rolled around during my time in Paris and there I was at the ATELIER VERSACE, Haute Couture runway show.. With my Windows Phone in hand and invite clutched like nothing else, I jumped into my car and head over to the show with an insatiable excitement... Upon arriving the madness was already underway outside and on the inside, a beautiful purple-y/blue ambience filled the room, some sort of angelic, gothic-glam was amongst us.. I took my seat, and then it was show time.. One of my favourite Haute Couture shows, without a doubt!

Make sure to stay tuned to the #STRUTwithWINDOWS hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. while I travel Europe from fashion week to fashion week capturing exclusive content from some of the world’s most epic fashion houses with my #Windows and #WindowsPhone devices.

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