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Monday, July 14, 2014

Say Hello To My Little Friend #WindowsPhone #STRUTwithWINDOWS

If you guys have been keeping up with my escapades over the last few weeks from London to Milan to THE CITY OF LIGHTS, I have been busy runway hopping and capturing all the moments with my new 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 #WINDOWSPHONE camera. Through thick and thin, it has been by my side, documenting every #OMG moment and sharing them literally the same moment as I #OMG lol...

As you can Imagine fashion week is a crazy time and being constantly on the go doesn't really permit to carry so much uncomfortable heavy products with you.. With that said you can only imagine how excited I was to find out that this #WindowsPhone is the only phone with with a 41 megapixel camera sensor, full HD video #DETAILSBABY and Nokia Rich Recording to capture that #RUNWAYLIFE!!! Aside from that, the fact that I had the power to adjust my camera setting's ISO, exposure & etc. was amazing and really helped with the dramatic and dark runway settings...

With a 720p HD screen, it’s 43% sharper than your average phone screen. I’ve also been able to chat into the wee hours with its 19 hours of talk time, talk about #BATTERYLIFE! The phone also offers 32 GB of internal storage, ideal for anybody with a TON of pictures/videos/music! Aside from all the technical goodies, obviously what this really comes down to is the Windows 8 interface.. With all the apps (yes there is Instagram now #SNAPSforWINDOWS) and a extremely smooth flow I have had nothing but an amazing experience with this device. Not to mention it get's signal just about EVERYWHERE! Literally, every corner, crack and alley from Toronto to Paris has proven unable to block my Windows Phone from acquiring it's signal...

Make sure to stay tuned to the #STRUTwithWINDOWS hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. while I travel Europe from fashion week to fashion week capturing exclusive content from some of the world’s most epic fashion houses with my #Windows and #WindowsPhone devices.

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