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Thursday, July 17, 2014

@KNOWROAMING - Save Thousands While You Travel #NOJOKE

Ok EVERYONE and anyone that reads my blog and travels to any other city, country or whatever it may be that incurs obnoxious and almost fraud like charges onto your mobile bills just for using your phone while abroad.. Like you know that feeling when you want to make a call but you are in another country and so you do it then you see the end result and you're like #OHHELLNO... Well.. Honestly.. You will LOVE me for this.. Because.. STRUGGLE NO MORE!!... ENTER KNOWROAMING.. You guys.. This is no joke.. I have been using this service for months now and it has literally been one of the most amazing experiences about travelling.. I have travelled the world, Jamaica, Sweden, London, Milan, Paris and in the last few months I have been using KNOWROAMING i have NOT PAID ONE ROAMING CHARGE to my wireless provider... The best part is, I have probably used well over tens of thousands of dollars in data and talk time.. I mean, I upload more when I am abroad then when I am home #LIKEHELLO!!!

I have to tell you about KNOWROAMING and the genius technology behind this sticker that will literally change your life... KNOWROAMING is a start up company here in my home town Toronto. They have developed a technology that you apply to your regular sim card.. When you are in your home country nothing happens but once you leave and go abroad KNOWROAMING activates and the magic begins. Here the technology overrides your regular sim card and activated the KNOWROAMING technology and literally frees you from any barriers.. All it takes is an app and a sticker, literally. I am so excited sharing this with you guys right now that I can barely write properly!!!... Carrying on, so you are in a new country, your KNOWROAMING activates, now you are tuned into the extremely exclusive and discounted rates that the company KNOWROAMING has negotiated with international carriers.. Meaning that KNOWROAMING has gone out of their way to talk to phone companies around the world so that when you are abroad you don't pay the HIGHWAY ROBBERY prices your regular phone provider had you paying.. If you were paying $100 for like 100MB before.. Now you are paying like probably a 80th of what you paid to get x80 what you paid for.. You follow?? It's actually the craziest thing and literally makes me have a certain disdain for my wireless provider knowing that this was possible... ANYWAYS.. PLEASE CHECK OUT KNOWROAMING and save yourself lots and lots of money...

If you have any more questions check out their website http://www.knowroaming.com or e-mail me/comment and I will be happy to share more of my point of view on this amazing technology!!

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MaryJohn said...

good one

MaryJohn said...

When someone travels to a foreign land they will have to face roaming charges if they stick on to the original carrier they are with...to avoid the roaming charges one can either rent a mobile in the foreign country or use a local sim.

When you rent a mobile be careful to read the regulations and lease period. Renting a cell phone is advised for those who are traveling overseas for only one or two weeks.
Another option is to use a local sim with your mobile. For that your mobile should be unlocked one so as to accept the sim card that you insert. If it is locked with a particular network then it won't be able to recognize or accept other networks. To unlock your phone you can approach the respective network provider or any third party unlocking websites like Theunlockarena.com and follow the free unlocking instructions and remove the restriction. Once the mobile is unlocked you can use the phone with the local sim.

Choose an option depending on the number of days that you stay and the one that is economical for you.

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