Monday, March 24, 2014

#StrutWithChanel #StrutAvecChanel

Just when you thought the #STRUTwithCHANEL #STRUTavecCHANEL posts were over think again, there is still so much from this amazing experience.. here is a little video the talented Matt Adam put together of the experience with some footage I shot while in Paris.. The video features quick little snips of what is to come from the Ateliers, Lesage, Lemarié & Massaro as well as some of the epic Chanel Shopping Center runway show and then a little sneak of Mademoiselle Chanel's apartment! This is just a teaser of what is still to come from my experience... Discovering the world of Chanel...!! Enjoy and stay tuned!!! XOJAY

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goldsequinsandchampagne said...

Wow, beautiful video. Looks like such a great experience. LOVE LOVE LOVE the supermarket concept. Great work

Anonymous said...

so fun! what an experience

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