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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Only A Fraction of the
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GOOD DAY from London! Seriously, words can't even describe how much of an amazing time I have been having out here in London during Fashion Week with American Express UK! Their Amex Insiders concierge service has proven to be the BEST way to navigate through a foreign city during one of its craziest times! Getting from Point A to Point B never looked so CHIC! That being said I wanted to share with you some of the Amex Insiders concierge services that was provided to me during my stay here in London!

Morning pick-ups from my location to get to the shows on time! But the pick-ups didn’t stop there, to get to and from other destinations was hassle free and all made available at nothing but a simple request! I could get used to this life!!!

I was invited to experience some of the shows as a cardmember would do, so I started by checking in to the Amex Insiders booth on site at the Somerset house where the hub of London Fashion Week is! Here you settle in and connect with your hosts who will get you all set up for the day ahead including the major runway shows they have planned for you to attend!

With a few moments to spare before the show you are treated to a lovely glass of champagne with fellow Amex Insiders from around the world! It's at this time you can meet who else is here at the same time for the same reason you are and get to hear of fellow Insider's concierge stories!! #OhTheLuxxeLife

Show time! After a few sips of some complimentary champagne it's time to head over to the show! You are personally escorted by your Amex Insiders hosts who walk you past pass the line-ups and herds of fashion-lovers and photographers waiting outside of shows directly to your seat.. It's here where you wait for the fun to unfold!

After the fashion show you can either choose to stay on site or do as you may! Since I had some time in between shows I asked the Amex Insiders to make me some reservations at a chic spot to have a nice little lunch in between shows! They did their duties to get me a last minute reservation at London fashion week hot-spot! That being said, I ate well as hell! After that it's a car back to the London Fashion Week hub (Somerset house) and off to the next show!

To Amex UK, thank you ever so much for having me and not only that, having me and showcasing your delightful city to me in such a way! I not only felt like such a VIP but also like I was at home in London! The Amex Insiders were super friendly and helpful and the entire experience was a dream! XOJAY

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