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Friday, January 24, 2014

by Joseph Dirand

In 2014 I am declaring my admiration for interior design. I mean it's always been there, I know what I love to see in a home, but this year I am exclaiming my profound hashtag love for wanting to live in a Parisian apartment by inspiration of the work of French architect & designer Joseph Dirand. Dirand, the mind behind stores such as Alexander Wang, Beijing - Chloe Flagship & probably one of the most beautiful fashion boutiques on this planet, Balmain, 44, Rue François ~manifests by utilizing radical techniques side by side with ultra classic foundations. I love his work for the subtlety but also the punch of retro-modernity.

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Ridvan Elhomsi said...

So beautiful ...

reggit stephens said...

When uvwant to renavat hit me up a good crew and lic 



David Mann said...


akam ali said...

this design is simple ,i am decoration job especial for ceiling knauf decoration and you

Norma Perez said...

Jay Strut thanks for share...The white color gave allways that clean and space senssation ..I like that...the exclusive green plant added In the center..offer more relaxing view.

The big cristal window with the outsider day light to the room...is Great.

The lamp instaled in roof hanguing like the Freedom Ring...uhmmm to my taste I will change for a wood dark Brown Rustic lamp sorrounded by black oxi metal...to acomplish the decoration,...the sofa more hight ..
I like that.

Hanson Theriot said...

I like

aysha turtle said...

love it. I detest clutter so this is nice.

Janice Tranos said...

Lovely work. Nice juxtaposition of classic architecture & clean crisp palette, compelling black & white art..wonderful fireplace detail..and that touch of black!!

Frances Martinez said...

Hate it

Sherrica Bryars said...

Love the natural lighting and overall spacing of this space.

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