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Friday, October 25, 2013

Some Behind The Scenes

Before I go in depth about all the make-up and backstage cosmetics here are some images I captured of the madness behind the scenes and some of the products and styles used on hair & make-up for the Target show which was (may I add) one of the most fun fashion shows I have been to in this city! The energy was there, the music was amazing, everything was just great! Front row had huge couches to lounge on during the show. It was great! Anyways, back to the ranch, backstage crazy-coo-coo-ness extravaganza. I took all my notes with my HP Slate 7 and will have all the information ready for you guys come the weekend! Can't wait to share some tips and tricks from the minds behind the scenes making those models look pretty[er] as heck! lol

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