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Friday, October 25, 2013


How.Major.Are.These.ALDO.Boots? I haven't stopped drooling over them since I Cinderella-slipped my damn foot in them! I mean yes, I feel like a princess in all black leather and with purple weave [WERQ].. As you can see below it's Fashion Week here in Toronto and I am busier than ever this season. Capturing content, hosting events, consulting with designers and brands and the list goes on and on... But I ain't mad at it! I love the rush of fashion week, even though these images seem subdued and calm and slightly demure and grey-vibes. NO BOO BOO that ain't the case. They should call this FREAKUM WEEK!

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Imene KM said...

Love your outfit and you look awesome with your pink hair! Dope!

Imene KM www.imenekm.com

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