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Monday, August 12, 2013

Remember That #WANGSecret?

Well yes, it was as good as it sounded! Imagine an entire warehouse full of T x Alexander Wang merchandise.. All.. For.. Free... Well imagine no more because naturally the entire thing was documented and, seriously, how hilariously chic.. People went H.A.M. for the Wang **wink((.. Anyways, check out the hilarious video above of the "Undisclosed one time only event"..

8 -:

Glossyvonne Kai said...

LMAO those faces

Joelle Litt said...

best video lol

David Dixon said...

Hi Jay, I actually have seen this video before, and to be honest I find it appalling. Yes it is funny to look at...however these affluent fashion followers grabbing up overstock of Alexander Wang is shameful. Alexander Wang should have donated this merchandise to NYC or America's increasingly growing homeless and the unemployed men and women who have lost everything, due to financial and unexpected natural disasters. My two cents on this....The people and PR executives at Alexander Wang should be ashamed.

Danielle Eleanor La Valle said...

This reminds me of one of my Nonna's stories. When she was young she worked for a Marquese family in Rome and one day she walked in on one of the ladies of the family cutting up her fine dresses. My Nonna asked her why she would do that and she replied that they would rather have her clothes destroyed then donate them since the embarrassment of seeing poor people in her clothes was unimaginable. So my question is, is Alexander Wang afraid to see "poor" people in his clothes? Is that why these weren't donated?

Bougiehippie said...

Hilarious & amazing!

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