Thursday, June 27, 2013

BALMAIN Homme Spring Summer 2014


As you know, or more like, as I rarely fail to remind you; I am not a big menswear lover. I mean, I am very gradually working my way into all that jazz and whatever else it comprises of (cuff-links and shit). BUT, I have a (who would of guessed) very warm and fuzzy soft spot for Spring/Summer 2014's Balmain Homme collection. Amiadst all of the madness at men's week Balmain Homme is keeping it casual and cool with great staple pieces, accessorized by strong details and clean, simple textures. I love how simple everything is but still how strong the pieces are. And yes, you guessed it I am FUC%!#G OBSESSED with those quilted ankle boots, silver toe and all! I know what I am going to be looking out for next season, straight up! - Continue reading for more photos from the collection

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BougieHippie said...

EH wasn't that impressed. great tailoring and fir but isn't this concept a bit over used????

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