Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Behind The Scenes with En Noir

Between some shows and appointments during New York Fashion Week I went to go stop by the final fitting for the EN | NOIR Fall/Winter 2013 collection which was set to show only a couple days later (I actually even think it might of been the following day!!). This was serious crunch time for the everyone because they were about to show their clothes for the very first time presentaton/show style at Milk Studios, so it's safe to say that it was super high energy during the fitting. It was awesome to see the styling procedure and the clothes really come to life. I clearly didn't realize that the presentation would be as packed as it was, it was literally a mad house, people pushing and pushing to get in lol! So it was good to see the clothes more up close and personally. Continue reading for some more pics from the fitting...

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Nat said...


Anonymous said...

These guy are so dope! I love their clothes.

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