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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Backstage at Prabal Gurung
Fall/Winter 2013

Here are just a few exclusive photos I took from backstage at Prabal Gurung's Fall/Winter 2013 runway show which just showed a few days ago during New York Fashion Week. It's always such a thrill to be backstage, the fast pace movement, all the action, models, hair, make-up, final looks, etc! There was no shortage of any of this behind the curtains at Prabal's show. It was also nice to see him surprisingly calm pre-show taking interviews and photos with press/etc... The collection was filled with some really strong and beautifully made pieces for Fall/Winter 2013. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coats, especially the one above with the white fur.

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Milano Mode said...

love the military peplum jacket!!

the milano mode

Anonymous said...

Loved this collection. One of Prabal's strongest yet.

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