Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The EN NOIR Leather Sweats

Easily and without a doubt or question these are my new favorite ANYTHINGS!! The En Noir Italian lambskin leather sweat pants have got to be not only the most in demand but most stylish, quality crafted and just NECESSARY pieces in anyone's wardrobe. I'M LITERALLY OBSESED... To me, these are the epitome of high-fashion with the perfect blend of street aesthetic. They are a timeless classic and are actually disturbingly comfortable. Adorned in only the best, the leather sweats feature gold (or black) RiRi ONLY zippers, soft and supple leather, asymmetrical blind seams on lower legs, and a cut that will leave you speechless. You could only imagine my reaction when I ripped open the package and threw them on.. I am so honored to receive a pair from the En Noir team THANKS GUYS!!!!!! I also recently found out that the red sweatpants have only ever been made for one other person, Kanye West, who has been ROCKING En Noir for a while now, as well as a few units for one of the stores that carry them. I CAN NOT WAIT TO SERVE IT in these during the coming fashion weeks.

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