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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Rarinjinda Wellness Spa

The journey began in Chiang Mai, one of the notable rural cities located in the North of Thailand. After nearly a day of flights, stop-overs, waiting and more flights it was a pleasure to get settled into the first part of our expedition. The Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Retreat played first host to our group. The 140 years old antique Thai teak wood home in the Wat Ket community is a notable retreat known for it’s top tier wellness amenities including an onsite wellness doctor, Dr. Sushil Rahul, an experienced doctor of alternative medicine and complementary medicine, life style & self-care counseling – one of the widest array’s (I’ve ever seen) of massage styles and beds and a beautiful, grand, welcoming, fresh and zen ambience. We we’re treated to a massage, wellness reading and full tour of the grounds during our stay.

During our inspection of the hotel we were delighted to learn that The RarinJinda is one of Thailand's leading wellness spas with expertised therapists and the latest spa technologies on the grounds readily available for guests. The RarinJinda is an urban spa fully equipped with all of the latest spa technology and facilities at high international standards, yet deeply rooted in the Thai massage and healing traditions. We were treated to a one hour classic Thai massage from the Rarinjinda after our inspection and boy was it something! It was quite interesting and itnense at some twists and turns but at the end of it I felt so refreshed and, well, aligned!

for more information on the RarinJinda Wellness Spa & Retreat click here