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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elephant Life Experience

During our stay in Chiang Mai we had the chance to participate in some very once in a lifetime experiences. First was the legendary and must-do ‘Elephant Life Experience’ a unique, boutique, Elephant experience camp where you and your private group are given one on one time with staff and, yes, Elephants! We had the chance to not only ride the elephants but have them paint for us and learn more about the wondrous creatures.

The beginning of the experience starts as s sweet introduction to the team at the ELE camp and then, yes, you guessed it, the elephants! They are so sweet, the elephants. I fell in love at first sight, you never expect to come so close to something that seems so far. After you are welcomed into their grounds you change into a customary and traditional Elephant Life Experience outfit and make your way down to go hang out with the elephants. It was such a treat to be the only guests on the grounds and have the undivided attention not only of the helpful and knowledgeable staff but also the elephants. I think my favorite part of the entire experience was riding the elephant up a mini mountain, feeling on the edge and so scared but so mystical being on top of such a wondrous creature.

If there's one thing you must do when you are in Thailand then I must say this is it! Being this close to such magical creatures is such a wonderful experience, it's humbling and eye opening, coming from a big city and experiencing this really just opens your eyes to all that is out there and all that the world really has to offer.

for more information on the Elephant Life Experience click here