Monday, December 24, 2012


Just thought I would share some recent #STRUAGRAM'S wit'chall.

So let me break it down for you. First couple of pics I was Olivier'in, I am all inspired by Olivier Rousteing's style right no! That Olivier is SO HOT right now (Mugatu voice).. Third pic - outfit was quite interesting... I totally wore this all day December 20th because I was going for comfy-edgy-chic last day of the world realness, am I or aren't I, still gotta look good-ness! The antler headed thing, is me giving you guys major Barbara Martelo for Vogue Brazil face and the last one happened post cloning-accident in Alexander Wang I kid you not! Just some stuff I've posted over the last few days. Anyways, back to work! I am working on a bunch of plans and drafts for all these exciting things to come in 2013, I have a new destination I am set to go to and can't wait to share some of the plans with you guys in the New Year... Talk soon!

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