Wednesday, December 12, 2012



bag, Marc Jacobs Antonia - jacket, Roots - boots, unknown - jeans, Balmain - sunglasses, Grey Ant

Slated to be Marc Jacobs' new it-bag, say hello to Antonia!! I love the Marc Jacobs Antonia bag for it's simple design, classic shape and the fact that there is a skinny and simple shoulder/cross-body strap making this bag as convenient as it is fashionable! NEXT IS Subject b) This Roots, YES I SAID ROOTS!!! Men's Quilted Baseball jacket which is SO freakin major and has already been sported by Drake and Jay-Z MULTIPLE times! I am actually severely obsessed with this piece! Roots has really been making some great things and the best part is EVERY SEASON they keep getting better and better!! I don't know if you can tell but even the details of this jacket are amazing, it even has RiRi zippers! And lastly, subject c) these knew creepers I scooped up while in Thailand at Terminal 21 the super-mega-mall with different cities for floors, naturally these were in London town! Together these three things are making me a very happy camper for Fall/Winter! I think it's all about the pop of color this Fall/Winter and I've really been (now more then ever) working on incorporating color into my style this season with accessories, accessories, accessories!! Anyways as you may have guessed I am indeed back from Thailand and I know its only like a couple more weeks until Christmas and everything but I am just not in the festive mood lol!! I want beaches back and sunsets on speed-boats lol, but I am working on it... Gonna try decking the halls and stuff, you know, setting that mistletoe lol!

pics x Nate Palacios

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