Monday, November 19, 2012


Just one of those magic moments when a box the size of your house comes to from one of your favorite brands in the entire UNIVERSE! Marc Jacobs + team has been so effing good to me from the shows, the parties and the clothes! I can't wait to rock all of the goodies and let you all know a little bit about what is all going down! Also, side note: we are t-minus 6 days until the big hooplah goes down! Who is excited for some seriously exciting news, well it won't be news because it will be happening as we go lol! Until then make sure you follow me on the links below where I will be doing alot of posting now, etc! Stay tuned for everything!

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milano mode said...

So excited to see the stuff MJ gave you!

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Andreas said...

Love it!

rubanxrose said...

Cannot wait to see what's inside =]

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