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Saturday, November 17, 2012


t-shirt - Brian Lichtenberg, leather pants - True Religion, arm cuffs - Margiela, rings - Margiela, denim - Margiela for H&M

THIS...WEATHER...IS...ACTUALLY...AMAZING!..... Who would of thought... Spring in Fall...more like Winter!.. In further news, and on a more serious note, I feel like for the past few months I have been habitually longing for a proper denim jacket, like you know, something classic and goodsie... ENTER this Margiela for H&M reverse denim jacket number. It's the perfect shade of light blue and the little unfinished details along the inverted seams are so good. I have a new addiction to Margiela all courtesy of my girl Natalie... Hence the addition of the arm cuffs and the matching rings I just scooped. ALSO, how good is this 'HOMIES South Central' BLTEE from my honey boo boo, Brian Lichtenberg? It's so perfect for being all, I don't care for fashion... And best part is, it comes in a sweatshirt... side note, every time I look at this T I always think/sing "Rollin with the homies" a la Brittany Murphy in Clueless! Bless her soul.. Can't wait for some more of these high-fashion parody t's to come out!... ALSO!!! In exactly 8 days I am going to be embarking on the journey of a lifetime and CAN NOT WAIT to share all the action with you guys! You are going to be soooo ecstatic! Like so so so so so... I am just getting excited talking about it right now! I am so busy these next couple of weeks putting things together before I go that it's excitingly overwhelming lol. MANNN I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW!!! but I have to keep my mouth SHUT! Only 8 more days!!

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BougieHippie said...

LOL clever and stylish!

milano mode said...

i was thinking the other day to get the same denim - but got the shoes instead!


Shelby Lynn said...

Nice Jay ;)

polite modongo said...

wow...........u r cool

deandrea vanzandt said...

wow you got swag

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