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Thursday, October 25, 2012

HP 'Sound Of Touch' Windows 8 Launch Party with FAR EAST MOVEMENT

So as you know I am here in New York as a guest of HP because last night (which was legitimately one of the craziest night's I have ever had in New York City) hosted and put together a party for the launch of their new line of Windows 8 products WHICH AS YOU KNOW I have a severely grueling obsession with! HP transformed New York's Terminal 5 into a blue-lit nightlife/tech-haven filled with drinks and YES an OVERSIZED LAPTOP which doubled as a human size-necessary-to-play game console I DIED!!!.. Then after being whisked up to the VIP lounge to get the perfect view it was time to watch FAR EAST MOVEMENT make us feel fly like a G6 (YES I DID!!!).. I love Far East Movement's energy on stage! They are so GO GO GO! The party was so crazy, I had such a blast and was so happy to connect with some of my little HP family!!! Continue reading for more pics from the night!

Yeah, I'm addicted to throwing up the peace sign! So what!? haha!

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