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Friday, October 5, 2012


I am so sorry, and I know it's been a while but just telling you guys that I have been busy wouldn't be able to justify just how busy I have actually been these days! It's crazy, exciting and just a whole lot of fun!!! O.k. SOO while I've been MIA from blogging I have been out twerking/werking going cray haah! Last night I hosted a full fledged event on Bloor St. at the French Connection store! Thank you to all of you who came out to support me and have a fun night filled with Azealia, RiRi, shopping and all that other magic! JUST MOMENTS AGO THOUGH I hit 100,000 followers on google+ which is so crazy and I don't even know what to think except that no, I'm not lucky, i'm blessed YES!! *NICKI VOICE!!!*.. Also! I just launched JOSHVII which is something I hope you guys enjoy as much as I do! We're going to talk more soon but I have to be go and be at a screen test in the next couple of hours so talk soon! here is the scene from the party last night! <3 You all!!

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