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Monday, June 25, 2012

VERSACE Men's Spring/Summer 2013

Normal menswear out the door. Versace really has made me excited for Spring/Summer 2013. I mean, look at this! This is magic, this is fire, this is life, this is fashion! Leave it to Mama Donatella to electrify the Milan circuit! Right now I am so passionate about two versions of menswear. I am in love with the classic, today, everyday, cool man and then I am in love with the other guy, the one who is magical and struts with every step. This my friends, is the man who struts, who steps with attitude in his step. He knows he is the *ish*... Collections like this get me excited for men's fashion! From the accessories to the gladiator sandals, I really can not seem to get enough of this collection!

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BeboMonster said...

It WAS EVERYTHING!! Gave me goose bumps!!

shi zhan said...

レイバン aviatorが好きな西森くんのこと、最近すごく気になります。いつもレイバン サングラスをかけているせいで、まともに西森くんの顔見たことありませんでした。ついにこの間、西森くんがその日掛けていたレイバン RB3025のクロちゃんを外した頃を見て、女の子よりもキレイな顔立ちでびっくりしました。

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