Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I slightly feel like I am giving the world everything with this deep-v and these high-high shorts, but it's o.k. because I am slightly obsessed with this mint green oversized knit sweater I got the other day mixed with my now basically signature black shorts. Come to think of it, I just decided I am really having a fixation with anything light and pastel-y or just plain out light against dark, black, etc. It's 42°C in Toronto and I can't even handle it. If you're like me than you are the kind of person that gets stuck in-doors on days like this because it's to hot and you find your self, head tilted, arms crossed and quite frusturated thinking a) I NEVER have anything to wear in this kind of weather, why can't it just be Fall or Spring so I can layer... and b) I never have anything to wear in GENERAL!.. #fashiongirlproblems

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the creation of beauty is art. said...

I love that sweater and especially those shorts! So cute!

Amanda I said...

your style is always so unique and so on point! Love love love love love!!

Darius Burnette said...

cute fit !!

Cindie C said...

Mint top and black leather shorts, great combo. And yes I TOTALLY feel a) and b) everyday!!!


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