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Friday, June 1, 2012

My Cannes Film Festival Debut

Words still to this day can't and probably never will be able to describe my feeling during this moment! If I could describe this moment I would simply just play Drake & Nicki Minaj - Moment For life.. The feeling of being escorted and then directed to walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. So surreal and definitely SO empowering, especially when you are strutting in women's Balmain!! I literally get choked up every time I think and try to explain the excitement or anything behind my experience in Cannes so hopefully I am doing a good job at blogging it and hopefully the super-cute /slash/ super cheesy video montage I have coming for you guys will do the trick haha!

I feel so blessed to of had this experience because it gave me that much more motivation and confidence. There is no doubt that we always doubt ourselves. AT some point, we will always think "I CAN'T as oppose to "I CAN" and sometimes the negative will over weigh the positive. The feeling sucks but my advice is to just push through it.. push like you've never pushed before and pursue your happiness and dreams. When people around you tell you "YOU CAN'T" you just bite your tongue and look the other way... I AM GOING TO COME CLEAN RIGHT NOW... Alot of the time that I feel like I am trying so hard to pursue my dreams here in Toronto.. To share my passion and do my thing, be a blogger here in Toronto and realistically get what I deserve, the numbers don't lie.. You probably think I have it easy here but NO... I am constantly shunned, I am constantly pushed away or disregarded... This night just reminded me of everything they deprived me of.. Being treated like more of an a-list celebrity than a media outlet and walking one of the most coveted and sought after red carpets in the world. I mean, I am not bragging because if you know me you know I don't do that at all but seriously it's time for me to allow myself to shine and be proud of my accomplishments and use them to my benefit as oppose to just simply copying and pasting them into my press section. I am 21 years old and I am happy to say I am proud of what I am doing, not what I have done but what I am doing. I am working on becoming a young entrepreneur in one of my favourite industries and live my life happily. NO I'm not lucky.. I'm blessed.. Shout out to my haters sorry that YOU COULDN'T PHASE ME.. And honestly, if you have read this far then just know greatness is what we are all on the brink of.

8 -:

anorexicescapades.com said...

wish you would have worn a patent leather shoe but everything else is amazing. per usual!

Anonymous said...


Gilda Miranda said...

This is awesome! Very inspiring read. You look great! Congrats on your accomplishments. :)

Anonymous said...

What exactly were you doing in Cannes?........

tallulahdoll said...

Jay, I am so proud of you for sticking to your guns. I know how hard it is being a blogger and being compared to big media outlets, or having people confused by what a blogger is, LOL. But good for you for pushing. You're obviously seeing results!

I am re-launching my blog project too, so thanks for the encouraging words. And btw, if you ever need to run away from Toronto, to a more blogger-friendly place, I recommend Las Vegas.

-Iddie Doll

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