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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Moment In Cannes

I think more if anything this was one of the moment's where everything that was going on ALMOST hit me. What an afternoon this was! I got to be a part of a super intellectual and insightful conversation along side of my fellow HP Advisory board members and then this.... A perfect [read: surreal, fit for a QUEEN, off the Richter] lunch at the beach-side property of the the hotel, Majestic Barriere. It was one of the moments where you just had to pause and take it all in and punch yourself in the face to make sure you are still alive!!!... A 5 star lunch beach side under white cabana's and with some of the most cool and exciting company you could ask for! I seriously think that the absurdly long-lasting and oversized smile I had on my face and thoughts of running into the water in my Givenchy and then having an impromptu Vogue (Japan, mind you) inspired photo-shoot in the water made the sun come out that day as it had been grey this entire day and day prior. Continue reading for some more photos!

8 -:

milana2078 said...

Very cool!


Anonymous said...

beautiful imagery!

DYLAN DIAS said...

I LOVE that Givenchy...

Iulo Almeida said...

Oh, Herchcovitch! I love him

teodoratosic said...


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