Monday, June 11, 2012

Martin Margiela for H&M?

HOLAY!! Is H&M ever poppin' out the major designer collaborations! I mean, who's next Alexander Wang for H&M? Then again, if you think about it, it's been a heavy amount of European designer collaborations so I don't think that's possible any time soon. ANY WHOO! Word on the avenue is that WWD is reporting Margiela is hooking up with H&M for the upcoming season. And even though a spokesperson for H&M denied to comment about a Margiela for H&M collaboration YOU KNOW it's probably going to happen! So, what do you think about the possible collaboration???

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tallulahdoll said...

Exciting! Now, I can get a hairy coat, LOL. Hope the line-up won't be to big. I definitely love this collaboration. And if H&M ever wants a gimmick, then they can partner up with John Galliano or Tavi Gevinson, both will do the trick! ;)

-Iddie Doll

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