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Thursday, May 31, 2012


If you know me than you know I have a sickeningly weak spot for sweatshirts - hence why I refrain from walking past American Apparel more then twice a week (I end up buying sweatshirt after sweatshirts) - but this, this North Star sweater right here is the cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake and I won't deny copius amounts of color-combo's /oh/ and who can't deny some grade A, Canadian love? It was like 40+ degrees CELSIUS outside and I was feeling sporty /slash/ was giving leg so I had to cover at least two limbs lol! These pics almost remind me of a metaphoric climb to the top, starting from the bottom of the staircase, working my way up, taking a break, and then finally making it *cough cough, thanks Ashley!!*! Interesting how a few poses can be translated into something greater lol.. There I go being all philosophic and stuff lol.. Anyways.... Got some things to do, stay tuned because there are more photos from the Festival De Cannes / Cannes Film Festival coming!

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