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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Couple Questions w/ Rachel Bilson

Just finished hanging out with the Magnum Ice Cream crew, eating lots and lots of Magnum Ice Cream and getting to chat with the face of Magnum, Rachel Bilson!! She is super cute, super chic and so sweet! I was soooo shy to talk to her (if you didn't notice) but I think we had a ok convo :):)!!

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the creation of beauty is art. said...

Aww, it went so well! You sounded super excited and she seems so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Rachel bilson was shy about answering questions. But she did ok. Guess her and hayden not seeing each other today. She probably go back home. Why she didn't tell people she was going there for her promotion for ice cream? Hayden was not with her there. They are not a couple. Just friends.

lois said...

She seems shy about answering questions but she did ok. She didn't mention Hayden at all. Maybe he and her has cool things off a bit. Wonder why she didn't mention her coming there. She should have mention she was promoting her ice cream. Wonder did she go home after this?

Amina said...

so much fun! She is so sweet and you are so cute! You can not be shy you are Jay Strut!!

Jen said...

Very cute video! I love Rachel's style!


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