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Monday, May 28, 2012

Arriving in Cannes

Without further ado, I bring you the HP Global Influencer Advisory Board, a group and annual meeting I have been chosen by HP to attend and be a part of with about 20 other members from all around the world. From the moment I got into Nice my sense were on another level.. Arriving into the city was just as, if not more exciting then how I imagined it would be. What I forgot to imagine is just how delicious the food, cakes and desserts were! The first day was quite a thrill, from KLM slightly misplacing my luggage in Amsterdam at Schihpol airport (luckily it turned up) to a crash course on learning how to adjust to jet-lag... After that was all sorted out I had a chance to finally meet my HP counterparts and a great group of the HP team, who some may I add, have been around with the company since Bill & Dave (the founders of HP)... It was great to get to know more about everyone and learn about their life, and especially their work with HP Since it was my first night, I did have to get adjusted to times for the coming festivities and you all know how much of a light-weight I am so I called it a night earlier then later :)

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