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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The New Arrangement

Haven't posted a #wristgame pic in a while and with some new additions to my wristgame I thought why not! I have been a little low-key with blogging but just for a second! I have just been planning a bunch of shit that as I've been saying - I am so excited to share- but can't until later zzzzZZZ... Anyways, so the merge is happening [read: I am starting to like gold shiny things]... How are you liking the new stack? I just added that oversized pyramid CC Skye number to it today! LURRRRRRV

4 -:

fashionholic said...

I love every single one of them!! This season I'm obsessed with golden accessories, specially bracelets.


bridget anne said...

unreal! i adore this.

Anonymous said...

this looks way to fresh

mikooo said...

lovee! what's the huge spike bracelet in the middle? looks like an oversized medor?

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