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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

KANYE WEST Fall/Winter 2012

FOR a second season now KANYE WEST has really killed it.. Naturally I love a primarily black collection with the perfect amounts of colour and wicked use of textures and blending of textiles, fabrics and materials, on that note I am going CRAY for the white fur blend coat -and how necessary is the sheer and fur top?.. I think it's wicked to see Kanye West take a different route from his Spring/Summer collection last season.. The shape, cuts and details are something not to be missed, I am really loving Kanye's attention to detail.. I love how luxurious and classy this work is and the accessories? I mean, that fur backpack needs to be on my back ASAP!

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Antonia said...

The leather pieces are really amazing! Love the colors too!


Andrés Corella said...

This is a really amazing collection Mr. West is doing it right!

The Black Label

Anonymous said...

love this

leather jackets said...

Very awesome and attractive collection nice piece of work.

anorexicescapades.com said...

Idk its better than the 1st collection but it still missing the mark. I think he should have did men's clothing instead of women.

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