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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So apparently WORD ON THE WEB IS.... in 2013 H&M will be introducing a new line of chain-stores around the world comprised of a higher-end price-point and product. What they are trying to do is bring in higher quality pieces but still keep it in the zone of what H&M is about- Someone said that the store is COS but even though it is another H&M brand I don't believe this will be it because it's already been around for a while and a Swedish news outlet reported that trademarks and logos for the name (of the new store) '& other stories' were handed in to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office by a Swedish firm last year... Can't wait to find out more!

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Dave Vuitton said...

This is the Barcelona Shop!

It's marvellous!

Besos chipless by Dave V.

Andrés Corella said...

This looks interesting..will definetely be checking the updates on that!

The Black Label

joshuabones said...

If its true, I wonder what products it'll carry.

DmndsWithaStry said...

Oh yes..we adore higher-end...please let this be true! We hope you'll be the first to let us know :)

toototo11 said...

the great part about H&m is the prices thsi sucks

jonnystaub said...

I'm totally down

Shane said...

Hmm at the moment their quality is pretty drastic. It's a good time to attack a higher end Market like Zara who's quality is much better and have increased profit for the first quarter. H&M need to step their branding game up! Need a simplistic name logo much different to their logo ATM.

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