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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Greta Constantine Fall/Winter 2102

Leave it to boys from Greta Constantine to make me nearly drop everything off my lap, basically spazzing trying not to miss a shot of a piece werking its way down the runway. Loved all the colours throughout the collection, jewel tone emerald greens, ruby reds & sapphire blues all swam beautifully through the runway of a sea of black. Oh, and who could forget that white dress (picture 1, above).. It, is, the, super-dress.... They transformed knitwear into a sophisticated, fashion-forward, sexy and body-armor like, corset creations. I love the emphasis on making something so un-chic, so sexy and sleek! The Greta Constantine Fall/Winter 2012 collection is a combination of EVERYTHING we love from the Greta Constantine boys, they incorporated their signature structured and geometrically cut jackets and styled it to the T with their, obviously iconic, jersey dresses. Always such a sexy silhouette, garments glazed the contours of models bodies... There was something about the lengths, cuts, plunging neckline's and long sleeves, combined with the use of colour it gave the collection a very elaborate, rich and definitely glamorous feeling.

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Antonia said...

Wooow, this looks amazing!


Anonymous said...

wicked photographs! Love your blog.

CynthiaC said...

Liked some of the pieces, but others were just a little overwhelming for certain body types. You just didn't put those up!

Tania said...

Wow... Toronto Fashion Week can close down now, we don't need to see anything more after this! These boys shut it down!

Lucija said...

Lovely lovely blog. I am seriously head over heels over all the photos!!


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