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Sunday, March 11, 2012


OK first of all, I am now apparently heavily into K-POP, more specifically this boy band BIGBANG.. I don't understand a thing they are saying but thanks to my an online friend by the name of Yalmain I am obsessed...Like a lot!.... Secondly, check their swag! In crazy designer gear and wicked Balmain pieces... I love how unique they all are.. Oh and they sound wicked live (I watched a bit of their concert on youtube)...

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Hillary said...

Okay YES. I really love this group too. Basically all the artists from this company are dressed reallllyyyy nicely. You should definitely check out 2en1 (they're a girl group). Plus I think Big Bang is going to hold a concert in NY pretty soon, so you should check them out live in person. Sorry for being such a fangirl but G Dragon is my fav from the group. :D

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